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Friday, December 28, 2012

I love Google

                                                                 I love Google

Google helps me get to where I'm going, I just have to talk into my phone via  Google Latitude (and it is always updated), and presto! The Goog tells me step by step what to do.  Apple's iPhone app, on the other hand, sometimes sends you to places you don't necessarily want to go, which prompted Apple to allow Google (I love Google) to place its map application into the App(le) Store, so now directionally impaired iPhone users can experience the same joy of getting to their destination as I do.

I love Google calendar, which allows me to sync my office calendar to my (Android based) phone and to all of my computers, as well as, seamlessly, to my wife's phone (she has an iPhone, but I hope to get her onto a Samsung Galaxy III soon).

I love Google Reader, which allows me to subscribe to various blogs, and which would allow anyone who wanted to, to subscribe to mine. That is if anyone wanted to (sigh).

I love Blogger, which enables me to easily produce this drivel.

I love YouTube.  Apple stopped allowing people to download YouTube to iPhones and iPads, although I believe that they have now caved (afraid of the competition, hmm?  Then make your apps as good as other folks apps!)

I also love Amazon.  I love buying music via Amazon and having it automatically download my music to my laptop, to the cloud, AND to my iTunes account.  Apple won't let you listen to iTunes purchases on a competing system without going through silly rigmarole such as burning a CD, then ripping the CD back to your computer in MP3 format. Silly Apple.

If I remember correctly, Apple almost went under in its early years, because it refused to share code with program developers.  As a consequence, most programs were written for the PC.  In my business (accounting), I wouldn't dream of buying a Mac (they sure are pretty) since accounting software is primarily written for PC's.

I hear that Google+ is pretty cool, but I haven't warmed up to it yet (did you like that little play on words?  With a little effort, I could write Country songs).

In fairness, the iPad is pretty cool, but it is still so damned Apple proprietary!

Now you know. I love Google. I call it "The Goog" or just "Googs" when I'm in a playful mood.  We're tight like that.

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