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Monday, June 22, 2015

Hey, Michele Bachmann

Ms. Bachmann, I think you are attempting to somehow justify the flying of this flag NOW, by showing (on your Facebook page) a Feb. 16, 1972 picture of Jimmy Carter standing next to the flag - you've captioned it with this snarky sentence: "Apparently "someone" didn't take the flag down...."


Here is why you are so wrong (these are MY thoughts):

Jimmy Carter is a product of the white South. As he grew up, matured, and became a thinking man (honest, reflective thought - you should perhaps try it sometimes), he noticed things around him that he felt were not right. One thing he noticed was that the Southern Baptist Convention did not align with his Christian beliefs (I'm not picking on the Southern Baptist Convention, by the way - this is an illustration of what Mr. Carter did as he examined his beliefs), so, in 2000, he severed ties with it. Mr. Carter has evolved into a first class Christian, putting his faith into action - his global human rights involvement is legendary, and his commitment to equal rights for women, and racial equality is well documented. This is what thinking people do - they examine their thoughts, their perceptions, their beliefs, and when they find them wanting, they make changes.

The flag that flies on the lawn in front of the state capitol in Columbia South Carolina has always been a divisive flag.  It has always been seen as a symbol of hatred by black folks – it is billed as a symbol of “heritage” by a lot of us white folks – except that the flag wasn’t flown over the Capitol until the early 1960’s, as a thumb in the eye of the Federal Government over the civil rights movement:

Ms. Bachmann:  Your Wikipedia page says that you attend Eagle Brook Church, which is a Christian Evangelical Church, and that prior to this church you were a member of Salem Lutheran Church.  The Wikipedia page also mentions that you and your husband own a “Christian Counseling practice” – Having listened to your rhetoric since about 2011, I can tell you that I don’t recognize a Christian message in much of what you say. I was just on your Facebook page scrolling through your posts to make sure that your words match my opinion of what I think you say – and they do.  I find you to be a hateful person, and, in a way, a poster child for what is wrong with both politics in America, and a portion of Christianity in America.

As a Christian, I want to make sure that non-Christians understand that you are not representative of Christians, at least not the vast majority of Christians – just like radical, murderous Muslims are not reflective of Islam as a whole, and Dylann Roof is not representative of white people as a whole.

God gave me a brain (and put it into this enormous, round head) for a reason - He wants us all to think. I hope to evolve throughout my life, and hope that at the end of my life, I will have changed my mind about all of the wrong thinking I’ve done previously. I sincerely hope that you will try to do the same.

Friday, June 19, 2015


Racial minorities who hate homosexual people
Gay people who hate racial minorities
People who lack compassion for those who are less fortunate, less talented, less able than they are
Business people who will screw anyone in order to get whatever they can
Baristas who correct me when I order a small coffee (one tall blonde roast coming up {smug smirk})
People who text while driving
Climate change deniers
Corrupt politicians (redundant, I know)
Religious people who hate others because MY GOD IS BETTER THAN YOUR GOD
Me, when I do anything, or act like anyone on this list (and I have, and it hurts my soul)
Lazy assed government employees who only do the minimum, and who don't give a shit about their customers
Lazy assed non-government employees who only do the minimum, and who don't give a shit about their customers
Bureaucrats who don't understand, or care, that every person, and every situation is different from every other.
People who understand the proper use of a comma

To these (and I'm sure I've missed others), especially today, I'd like to offer up a heartfelt “Fuck You”