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Friday, October 31, 2014

Vote, Vote, Vote

Vote.  Think about it, and vote your conscience:

If you hate what that Kenyan, communist, Muslim, Ebola spreading, ISIS sympathizing, illegal alien loving, Mom-jeans wearing, evil dictator (did I miss anything? Oh, yeah, BENGHAZIIIIIII), President Obama and his ilk are doing, then vote against him/them.

If you hate what those Tea-bagging, do nothing, Fox News watching, obstructionist Neo-con, lyin' if they're breathing, Republicans are doing, then vote the other way.

But vote!

In Tennessee, if you are a woman, you have a vested interest in voting - Amendment 1 to the State Constitution directly affects you.  Pro or con, this amendment, if passed, moves the state authority regarding abortions, and certain rules and regulations out of the judiciary, and into the realm of the legislature.

It's been mischaracterized as giving women a say - but that is an out and out lie - and while you should vote your conscience, those spreading that lie should be ashamed of themselves.

People like Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey will be deciding this issue for you.
People like State Senator Stacey Campfield (, will be deciding this issue for you.

There is also a proposed amendment that would ban the legislature from enacting a state income tax - please think about this one before you automatically vote to pass it. Think about how the State is getting its money now - 'cause it is getting it.

I have opinions about all 4 of the amendments, and will be happy to tell you mine if you want (I guess you can figure out my vote on the two mentioned above).

Also, FYI:  It is my understanding that in order for your vote to count, you must vote in the gubernatorial race - don't waste your amendment vote, by not voting for governor.


(but think about it)
I think we are all born with the proclivity to be good or bad, honest or dishonest. Every day, I wake up and have to decide what kind of person I'm going to be.  I mean, I'm limited by my own imperfections, but I believe that God gave me the ability to discern right from wrong - it is putting that ability into practice and making good choices as a result of that ability, that can be a problem. I'm not even talking about religion here - there are some incredibly shitty {insert religious persuasion here}'s in the world, and some incredibly good atheists - and vice versa.

So, again, every morning I wake up and have to decide what kind of person I'm going to be - and let me tell you, I've failed spectacularly on occasion.

I do believe that you can train yourself to either go toward the light, or turn toward the darkness, so that the daily choice is not as pivotal as it could be.

That's what I'm trying to do.