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Monday, November 26, 2012

Some things that puzzle me

I was drinking my coffee this morning and was thinking about some things that puzzle me:

Why people want me to post how I met them on their Facebook wall?  Also, why does the act of sharing a post on FB signify anything (i.e. "Share this in two minutes if you love Jesus - If I take three minutes does it mean I only like Jesus, or that I don't love Jesus at all?).

The comma (‘nuff said)

The excessive celebration rule in college football
but, also

Why professional football players do the elaborate stupid dances that they do after they score.

The DH in the American League (that’s baseball, FYI)

Electricity (pretty sure it is magic)


TV folks who say that they will see me tomorrow. Do they see me now? I’d better stop scratching myself while I watch the news, in that case.

How music gets onto a CD.  For that matter, how does the turntable needle release the sound in the grooves of an album. More magic, says I.

My local Panera has an open air patio with a door.  Why?

Why businesses often pick the most unfriendly of their employees to man the front desk, or answer the phones.

Diet Coke

Woody Allen movies

People who are too cool to admit they like something that is popular

Why you would read this

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