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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Guess what I did?

Or, guess what I'm doing?

I'm getting rid of my smart phone, and switching to, well, a dumb phone I guess.

About a month ago, I got Android Pay on my phone (you know, where you can pay for a purchase by magically touching your phone to a terminal at the store). Part of the security aspect of Android Pay is that you have to have a password, or a swipe pattern on your phone, so if you lose it, folks won't be able to have you purchase their double soy latte with nine shots of espresso in it via your unlocked phone - good move.

Now, I love a gadget.  I'm kind of a gadget head, actually. For the first couple of days, every time my phone would beep, or buzz, or ping, or chime, I would pick it up, turn the screen on, and then have to trace my password pattern in order to see who had favorited my tweet (or something equally as important).  It became annoying pretty fast, but more than that, it drove home to me just how many times a day I pick up my phone to look at it.  It had become a 200 times a day habit! (numbers may not be accurate, IDK, I didn't really count).

I had this other phone (LG Cosmo 2, complete with slide out qwerty keyboard, not the one pictured -that's the ultra snazzy LG Cosmo 3) that I have used in the past when I want to unplug, or to carry with me when I run), so I decided to carry it for a few days, and you know what?  I loved it.  That was a month ago.  Lately, I've noticed that I don't automatically reach for my phone every 37 seconds, as I don't have Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, GroupMe, Words With Friends (and probably something else I've forgotten), on my dumb phone.

It is also smaller!!  I love it. I love not having to cram this enormous phone into my pocket.

There are some drawbacks, of course.  Typing a text is painfully slow, I traded a 12 megapixel camera for a 1.3 megapixel camera, but I have an iPad I can use for all of those functions and apps - it just isn't as accessible as the phone - which, I guess, is the point.

But, don't worry, I can still argue on Facebook - I just have to do it more mindfully (hahaha)

Wish me luck.

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